Gender-neutral haircuts for all!

Some of you may have noticed a difference in the structure of my services. I changed the descriptions from “men’s” and “women’s” haircuts to “shorter” and “longer” a little while ago.

Historically, men and women have paid quite a different price point for their hair services. It used to be that men patronized barber shops and women went to beauty salons, and to have one at the other simply wasn’t done.  Our world is moving on, thank goodness, from this structure, and the industry has changed. A lot of shops are catering to everything on the gender scale, as opposed to one end or the other. However, the standard is that men pay one price and women pay another, significantly higher one.  I believe this was justified by women’s hair being more complicated or time consuming, but in 2015 almost, we’re seeing a lot of crossover in the types of services provided and to whom. Men have it all from man-buns to fades to dreads to combed over classics. Women have side shaves, long curls, asymmetry, bangs, no bangs, whatever! Everyone in between has whatever they want to have, because their self-identity is theirs, and not for others to judge.  It’s all beautiful to me, and I’m honoured to have such a diverse and wonderful spectrum of people to enjoy, every day while i “work”. As if this is work. 😉

In answer to this, and in recognition of gender being far from binary, i give you a different structure based on time spent. Longer hair simply takes longer to cut and style. Since shorter haircuts sometimes require a rinse (and if there’s no makeup to disturb, a warm towel to wipe off your face), I feel like everyone is getting a thorough, opulent service and can feel great when it’s complete.  I’ve closed the price gap between these two options a little, as well.

Here’s to forward thinking, and calling things like I see them. Your gender is your business, and I’m cutting your hair based on your hair.  Oh, and because I like you, whoever you are and however you want to live and be. <3